Thomas Karasch: Ted is the best and I will recommend him to everybody

We are in the US since 2002 with an E2 and later an E1 Visa. In that time we saw many immigration lawyers for renewal and other immigration questions. In 2014 we decided to go for an EB5 and consulted several immigration lawyers. Since the EB5 is not easy and very time consuming most lawyers did not believe its doable or where asking a ridicules amount to even look into the case. We where not interested in a EB5 regional center where a developer builds a big hotel which may or may not work, we want to do it our self and be in control our self. We found Ted and explained him our idea and he did it. By saying he did it, I mean he made the unbelievable happen in a record time without any major obstacle. And the best is: you don’t have to go through 5 paralegal secretary’s if you have a question or need an appointment later in the day ….. no problem. Even when you leave a message, he calls back in no time… He is the best and we will recommend him to everybody who ask us for an immigration lawyer. Since we been through many of his colleagues we do know what we are talking about. He is the best