Jo-Anne Ignacio: Ted was there not only as an attorney, but as a friend

Ted is an amazing attorney! I have been trying for over 20 years to get my immigration status taken careof as it is very complicated. Have seen and seek council with many many immigration attorneys and all of them had told me that my case was too complicated and that there was nothing we could do. Then we met Ted and he completely changed my and my family’s life. What many said couldn’t be done, Ted worked with us through every step and every process. He was there not only as an attorney, but as a friend. Many who have gone through immigration battles know how scary and nerve-wracking it can be, but Ted got us through it. Ted and his staff are very professional, always there to answer any questions we had, and they are honest and kind. We didn’t feel like we were just seeing our lawyer, we felt like family was helping us. After what I thought was a hopeless situation for more than half my life, I finally saw the light at the end of my very long and dark tunnel. Ted accomplished “the impossible” and got the job done. I finally obtained a green card and will be filing for citizenship soon. Would definitely recommend Ted Panagiotopoulos to any seeking immigration help. Thank you Ted and God bless you and yours!