Cancellation of Removal

It is a form of relief for a lawful permanent resident who has been lawfully admitted as a permanent residence for at least five years and has resided in the United States continuously for seven years after having been admitted in any status, who has not been convicted of an aggravated felony. It is also a discretionary remedy for non-lawful permanent resident (non-LPR) if he or she meets the following requirements. First of all you should physically present in the United States for a continuous period of at least 10 years preceding the date of the application for cancellation of removal; have been a person of good moral character during the ten-year period; have not been convicted of any crime(s) that; and establish that removal would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to his or her spouse, parent, or child who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States. You will maintain “physical presence”, if you are out of the United States for up to 180 days during the 10 years.