A. Shaker: Ted is the best immigration attorney in Tampa Bay Area

I hardly ever write a review unless it’s some really really good or real bad, Ted is the best immigration attorney out there and this is why, well first off u aren’t gonna need to chase him down to find out what’s happening with ur case or what’s goin on, he is on top of his game n in case ur cynical like me n call once in a while to find out what’s goin on , STOP , do not waste ur time or his time if there’s something u need to know HE would be the one telling u n not the other way around.

What happened is that I needed to bring my wife over and I just didn’t wanna deal with the immigration at all, I don’t wanna call them , talk to them I just don’t want to have to do anything with them period and thank god I was lucky enough to meet with Ted and I found him on google and that’s why I’m leaving a review and this is the least I could do to pay him back
The guy just knows what he is doing n finally I could bring my wife over n life is good.

Now if u wanna talk about fees, he is NOT greedy, his fees aren’t high, he’s actually gonna charge you Less than most of the attorneys out there, now comes the part that really made me respect this guy, now I had a payment plan that I couldn’t stick to due to a very bad financial situation n some issues happened to me at work and I haven’t even made one single payment on time, the guy never called me not even once to ask me for money and that’s why I appreciate this guy unlike most lawyers that just wanna get the most that they can out of u as soon as they could, believe me if ur looking for the best immigration attorney in the Tampa Bay Area u have already found him, thank you Ted and keep up the good work.