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Diana Zaka: Ted helped me to get my citizenship

Usually I don't write reviews, but this time I couldn't just not write anything. I was very pleased from the service that I had form Panagiotopoulos Pa. Ted knows his job very well. He helped me to get my citizenship and during the process he kept me informed the whole time. He cares about his clients and he goes above and beyond to get the issue resolved. Thank you Ted!

Gisele Myers: We were treated like family

Mr. Theodore is one of the best attorneys we ever had. We were treated like family. He got me true the Green Card and now helped me with citizenship. I can only recommend him, he is sure the best in the whole entire town, honest and reliable, if you want things done right you need to give him a call. All I can say is many, many thanks to Ted and his staff.

Greg Paterson: I believe Ted worked miracles to get me my green card

Ted helped me through the process of gaining permanent resident status. My situation was very complicated as my wife had left me prior to the conditions listed. Ted is a very honest, reliable and determined lawyer. I believe he worked miracles to get me my green card, and without an interview! I chose him after meeting for only 5 mins as I knew right away he was an honest guy. Trust is #1 when it comes to choosing a lawyer, Panagiotopoulos is the way to go - you will not regret it.

Hicham Janati Idrissi: If there were a Sixth star, Ted certainly deserves it

Ted's professionalism, expertise, and genuine caring was a great experience in hiring him. He is very knowledgeable about his trade and deeply passionate about his work and how he does business. I state this because of my experience with him from day one and how well he received me in his office, the time he spent explaining all the details related to the case, in fact, I always was left his office with more than what I expected. Ted is about business / services and how greatly delivered. In short, I needed legal services and happened to find the most awesome resource available - Theodore Panagiotopoulos. I would recommend Ted to anyone and I gladly share this experience with anyone else who can benefit. If there were a Sixth star, Ted certainly deserves it.

J. Bricker: Ted did great job

Ted knows his business. He did such a great job helping me through several immigration processes. He is very knowledgeable and he was with me every step of the way.

Kelly Fachini: Excellent experience

Our experience with Theo was excellent. Very professional. He took something that should have been stressful and handled it with the utmost organization and ease. We were very impressed by how simple and straightforward he made everything for us. We would definitely recommend to our friends and family.

Kelly Fachini: Our experience with Theo was excellent

Our experience with Theo was excellent. Very professional. He took something that should have been stressful and handled it with the utmost organization and ease. We were very impressed by how simple and straightforward he made everything for us. We would definitely recommend to our friends and family.

M. R. Mahtab: I definitely give Ted 5 stars

I generally don't write reviews but anyone who has been through the immigration process understands how important it is. At times like these its extremely important that you work with someone who makes you feel comfortable and gives you the confidence that your case is being handled professionally. I have worked with Ted over the last 5 years for my H-1b and green card processing. He is a close friend of mine and was available at all times to respond to my unlimited number of questions. He is a great guy and very professional at the same time. Definitely give him 5 stars.

Mark Gill: Ted has been a pleasure to deal with

Ted has handled my immigration affairs for the last several years. I started with the big boys, in fact the biggest in my area, and the most expensive. I spent a small fortune and got literally nothing accomplished. Honestly, I called him the first time because his ad was small. I was tired of 3 bills from 4 people for one phone call. He has been a pleasure to deal with. He is no nonsense, honest and straight forward. I would never even think of going anywhere else. He has met all of my needs in a timely fashion and with the upmost attention and professionalism, and has accomplished with relative ease what the big boys couldn't.

Molly Hoxha: Other attorneys told us our case would be nearly impossible to win

My husband and I spoke with many attorneys in the area who had told us our immigration case would be nearly impossible to win. Luckily, we had some family members who had successfully worked on their “nearly impossible” case with Ted in the past. Ted was realistic with us that it would be a long process but he was confident we could win this. His attention to detail and knowledge won us the case without any bumps. My husband was granted permanent resident status over the summer and we are over the moon with excitement. We are thrilled and so thankful that we partnered with Ted. We would recommend Ted’s services to anyone who was going through an immigration case in a heartbeat. Thanks so much Ted!!!

Nadiia Duksenko: We highly recommend

My husband Ronald and I are in thanks to our lawyer - Theodore Panagiotopoulos. His personal attention to our case and professional demeanor was invaluable and also timely executed. We were treated as family and kept informed during the whole process. With sincerity we highly recommend Theodore Panagiotopoulos as an attorney.

Ozem Ellis: I had a 5 star experience

I had a 5 star experience when I retained their expert services for a loved one. Ted was quickly able to identify the potential issues and his predictions/coaching were both on point resulting in a very positive outcome. Ted's genuity and personality were also key factors in creating a next to none experience and I would refer this office to anyone without a second thought.

Russell Knox: Absolutely amazing. Theodore Panagiotopoulos, PA was fantastic

Absolutely Amazing!!!! After living in this country for 40 years I finally decided to be a citizen. Theodore Panagiotopoulos, PA was fantastic. Having had some minor issues in my 40 years, he was able to acquire all the records needed and decipher the immigration system to where I went through without a hitch. The professionalism of his staff and the attention to detail was second to none. In the day and age of simply being a number for most firms, Theodore took the time to get to know me and my wife and worked hard to make things flow smoothly. I would highly recommend everyone who needs to navigate the Immigration and Naturalization process hire this firm to handle it. Thank you to Theodore and his team for getting me through this process.

Shinra Tensey: An amazing attorney!

Theo is an amazing attorney! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and brilliant at what he does. He cares about his clients and and is always available to them. We are thankful and lucky to have found him.

Tess Rivera: An exemplary attorney!

Our experience with Atty. Thed was great! In gratitude for what he 's done for us we write: Atty.Theodore Panagiotopoulos,P.A.- ...an exemplary lawyer ...shows stupendous performance as an immigration attorney ...is very knowledgeable of his job ...is very detailed,yet very professional ...is diligent,waste no time in accomplishing his work ...is always available when his clients need him ...is one of a kind of an immigration lawyer ... is a zealous lawyer but works/deals with his clients with compassion ...makes his clients feel comfortable and not intimidated ...has friendly,polite and very accommodating staff On the first day that we came to his office for consultation,we knew and we decided that we were at the right place and that we found the right lawyer we needed.If there's a 5-star general in the military, he is a a 5-star immigration lawyer. His performance is highly commendable. From very satisfied clients, Bruce and Tess

Thomas Karasch: Ted is the best and I will recommend him to everybody

We are in the US since 2002 with an E2 and later an E1 Visa. In that time we saw many immigration lawyers for renewal and other immigration questions. In 2014 we decided to go for an EB5 and consulted several immigration lawyers. Since the EB5 is not easy and very time consuming most lawyers did not believe its doable or where asking a ridicules amount to even look into the case. We where not interested in a EB5 regional center where a developer builds a big hotel which may or may not work, we want to do it our self and be in control our self. We found Ted and explained him our idea and he did it. By saying he did it, I mean he made the unbelievable happen in a record time without any major obstacle. And the best is: you don't have to go through 5 paralegal secretary's if you have a question or need an appointment later in the day ..... no problem. Even when you leave a message, he calls back in no time... He is the best and we will recommend him to everybody who ask us for an immigration lawyer. Since we…

Vashti Persaud: Amazing work well done.

Mr Theodore is one of the best attorney we ever had. Amazing work well done. Always came through for us.

Vasia Kallimachau: I feel really blessed that I have Ted as my lawyer

Ted Panagiotopoulos has been my lawyer the past 5 years. He has helped me through the H1B work permit visa and renewal and he has been always on top of my case. Really professional he will go above and beyond for each client, always there for you answering your calls and guide correctly with his work ethic and his professional experience. Now I'm in the process of applying for a green card and I feel really blessed that I have him as my lawyer.

Wael Nadar: I think this is a really good place

I jut spoke to someone that works there I don't think she is the attorney herself but she was so helpful and polite and respectful, I think this is a really good place.

Wayne Howard: Attorney Panagiotopoulos gets the job done

Attorney Panagiotopoulos gets the job done. He's very scrupulous and attentive to details. Sometimes I thought a little overboard, but in legal matters that's a quality very admired. He doesn't just ask for documents, but goes over every submitted document for accuracy and relevance. He also attended interview and accompanied a visit to immigration physician where details were left out by the doctors office on a submitted document. He's professional with a good deposition and very personable. His business card stays in the fridge from now on.

Wendy Romanyszyn: Theodore Panagiotopoulos is truly a miracle worker!

Theodore Panagiotopoulos is truly a miracle worker! Due to the failing health of my husband - Bochdan Romanyszyn - Ted arranged for Officer Evans of USCIS Tampa, Fl. to perform the Naturalization Ceremony at our home, at my husbands bedside on July 7, 2017! My dear husband "Bob" died 6 days later on 7/13/17 - as a Citizen of the United States of America! We are forever grateful to Ted and his team for helping Bochdan Romanyszyn become an American citizen. Thank you, from Wendy H. Romanyszyn (wife) and Bryan R. Romanyszyn (son)

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